The Creative Digital Agency for Brands and Society.

We are a creative digital agency, for the society of today and tomorrow. Our cultural richness and creative skills enable us to better connect brands to different target groups.

Communication solutions that translate into business results. We apply our knowledge and skills to issues in society, thereby contributing to a broader mindset.

What we do


Great experiences occur when relevance, insight, and vision meet. Working side by side with our clients, and based on a deep and thorough understanding of their business and challenges, we help them get perspective, take action and be successful in an ever-changing world.


Simplicity means clarity. We believe branding should be aesthetic, simplifying, intuitive and always underpinned by a rationale. Once we have defined the brand rationale, we translate our builds on to all desired touch points, both online and offline.

User Experience

We bring experiences to market from strategy to execution integrating a diverse range of expert skillsets.


What our clients say about us

“Mindset Media is sinds 2017 verantwoordelijk voor de marketing en
communicatie van Red Light Jazz, het niet meer weg te denken jazzevenement
in de oude historische binnenstad van Amsterdam. Virgill Olvira heeft samen
met zijn team van professionals een grote bijdrage geleverd aan de
naamsbekendheid en groei van dit unieke meerdaagse jazzfestival.”
Marcel Kaatee

Director Red Light Jazz

“5 stars WordPress template! If anyone wants an example of what you can do with this theme, check out my site at”
Stacey Rickson

Project Manager, Colabrio

“I tell you what, there has never been an issue that Cory from the Colabrio Support Team hasn't been able to solve for me.”
Laura Morton

UI/UX Designer, Colabrio

Virgill Olvira

Virgill creates new paths where roads seem to end. With his broad experience and fresh energy he is the catalyst who easily motivates, inspires and connects people. Virgill is here to disrupt all that stagnates and to create new narratives

Virgill Olvira

Strategy Director

Angela Tellier

Angela writes sentences that find permanent residence in your thoughts. With her wide experience in the commercial and art world she knows exactly what it takes to connect with audiences.

Angela Tellier

Copywriter, fotograaf

Pearl Roman

Pearls speaks all the programming languages fluently and knows how to translate this clearly to his team members. Pearl sees problems as puzzles in which he always finds the missing pieces that connect to the wishes of our clients.

Pearl Roman


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